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xpy 1.1

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xpy is a small tool which disables the default threats of a Windows XP installation.
Besides the classic antispy features, xpy closes recent security holes like the remote procure call (rpc) service and the distributed component object model (dcom).

Features of xpy 1.1:

· disable windows "calling home"
· disable questionable services
· disarm internet explorer
· disarm windows media player
· remove windows messenger
· improve security
· improve performance

What's New in xpy 1.1:

· added new features
-adjust for best performance of programs (windows server)
-disable internet explorer error reporting
-disable auto-completion in web forms
-disable auto-completion for passwords
-hide computer name in networks
-show extension for *.lnk, *.pif, *.scf and *.url files
· added option to export to registry-file
· added /reg parameter
· added missing restore functions for GenUnSysResponse, GenUnDisableUAC and GenUnSpyNet
· fixed bug in image acquisition service
· fixed typo in log window

Download[ xpy 1.1 ]
Download[ xpy 1.1 - Mirror ]

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