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Cookie Monster 3.47

Can't Find what you're looking for? Try Google Search Here!"

Cookie Monster is a manager for cookies created by the most popular Windows browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Mozilla and Opera (only basic support for this one). It also works with any Gecko-based browser and most of the browsers based in Internet Explorer.
The program allows you set a list of the cookies you want to preserve and then delete the remaining ones with a simple mouse click. It also have the option of detecting the cookies for the sites included in your favorites and/or bookmarks.

Cookie Monster is very useful for people who care about their privacy but don't want to disable or block all the cookies (a lot of pages need them to work properly).

What's New in Cookie Monster 3.47 :

· This version fix a bug in the deletion of cookies in Mozilla and Gecko-based browsers.

Download [ Cookie Monster 3.47 ]
Download [ Cookie Monster 3.47 - Mirror ]

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