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SPAMfighter Standard 7.0.96

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SPAMfighter is Europe's leading Anti Spam Filter developer, providing Spam Protection for hundreds of thousands of home and corporate users on PC's and Servers.

If you need a spam filter for your home/office PC or you need to spam protect a server, you have come to the right place.

SPAMfighter Standard is free and can only be used in private homes and schools. In SPAMfighter Standard, a short text ad is displayed in your e-mail client, and an "I'm protected by SPAMfighter" message is appended to your outgoing e-mails. You don't have the language filter and other useful features are missing

SPAMfighter supports the following mail servers: ArGoSoft, CMailServer, CommuniGate, Courier, DynFX, GroupWise, IMail, Kerio, Domino, MDaemon, Merak, MERCUR, MS SMTP MAIL Service, Netscape Messaging Server, NTMail, Postfix, QMail, Sendmail, Winmail, Winroute, WorkgroupMail, XMail and more.

Features of SPAMfighter Standard 7.0 :

· SPAMfighter Standard is 100% free for private use
· Award winning spam blocking technology
· Protects against "phishing" and other email fraud
· Protects all the email accounts on your PC
· Unique language filtering tool that empowers you to stop emails written in specific languages
· Automatic "real mail" protection - means no lost business mails!
· Blacklist domains and emails
· Spam Abuse Reporting with one click
· Automatic Whitelist management
· Privacy Guaranteed - we don't see any of your email
· Does not filter based on simple phrases or "trigger" words. Allows any content
· Language support: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi and Danish.

There are two versions of SPAMfighter: SPAMfighter Standard, available for download, here and SPAMfighter Pro.This is the product you download and get free for 1 month. After the trial, you can choose to pay only $29 and keep the Pro version, otherwise you are automatically downgraded to the free SPAMfighter Standard.
SPAMfighter Pro can be used in companies and other commercial environments and gives access to better protection.

What you get with SPAMfighter Pro :

· The right to use SPAMfighter in a company/organization
· Unique language filtering tool - Stop emails in languages you don't understand
· Option to move the toolbar in Microsoft Outlook
· Premium support - Typical same answer within 24 hours
· Unlimited Blacklist/Whitelist entries
· Option to remove the SPAMfighter Footer in your emails
 · Commercial-free email client

If you want to upgrade to SPAMfighter Pro, please click here.

What's New in SPAMfighter 7.0 :

· Support for Thunderbird 3
· Improved plugin for outlook, better detection.
· New control panel which integrate with VF and SWF users.

Download [ SPAMfighter Standard 7.0.96 ]

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