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SHAREWARE: Anti Trojan Elite 5.3.9

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Anti Trojan Elite is a trojan/keylogger remover. When the trojan horse will run, Anti Trojan Elite can find out the trojan and stop it in time. Anti Trojan Elite is also a system security tool, it can view the informations of network and process. Anti Trojan Elite can monitor any change of important registry keys and values.
Features of Anti Trojan Elite 5 :

· File scan.
· Process Memory scan, Easily killing no process trojan.
· Network manager: View the tcp connections and udp states, and the process belonged to. Disconnect tcp and stop the opposite process.
· Process manager :View the process and its modules information.You can stop any process and unload its any dll module.
· Important registry key /value manager: View the registry value include Run and File open associate.Recover any registry value data to a commend value.
· IE repair: Repairing Internet Explorer destoried by the spite website.
· Backup module: Backup trojan files before killing.
· System optimize: Optimize windows running efficiency.
· LiveUpdate: Update online.
· Web report: Easily output the scan report(html format).
· Killed spite file message box prompt.
· Support thousands trojan's scan & kill.
· Support Compressed files (RAR ZIP CAB).
· Registry protecter.

Why Choose Anti Trojan Elite 5.3 :

· Real-time malware firewall, protecting user's computer in real-time.
· Detecting and cleaning binded malware, doesn't hurt normal file and clean the malware.
· Detecting and cleaning no process malware, some malware don't have a EXE file, they are only some DLL files and running as some threads in other process, ATE can detect and clean this type of malware even it's running.
· Free tools. View the information of Tcp/Ip states and processes informations.

What's New in Anti Trojan Elite 5.3.9 :

· Update the anti-malware library to Apr. 16, 2011.

Download[ Anti Trojan Elite 5.3.9 ]

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