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Utilizing Your Reward Miles

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Quite a few travelers really don't care much for the reward miles that they gather on their travel tickets. They just keep accumulating it whenever an opportunity arises and are happy to order something in return from the company catalogue at the end of the year.

There are quite a few business travelers who are more worried about collecting their mileage points when they travel than their work. They somehow travel enough to retain and qualify for the upgrades all the time.

Today the concept of reward miles has caught up with most of the other business too and is not limited to airlines alone. All most all online shopping schemes offer rewards and mileage, your super market and gas stations offer rewards for the regular customers while your credit card gives you rewards points every time you use the card. The marketing companies reward each of your transactions.

Some people catch up on these schemes faster than others and become experts in collecting rewards everywhere. They make sure they fly on a particular airline even if it is costlier to accumulate points and stay in partner hotels where they get the points. Never mind if the tariff is higher. They use credit card for every transaction to double up on their reward points and look for collecting the reward points against each and every transaction they make.

Some of them go to the extent of getting into transactions unnecessarily to earn free miles. They make purchases on websites and buy coins to gain reward cards and use the purchased coins to pay off the credit card balance against the transaction. In essence they have just accrued reward mileage with the transaction.

The reward points thus accumulated can be exchanged for a whole lot of things from free flight tickets to free upgrades to first class and many other options including free stay at spa resorts, and not to miss the beautiful gift items on company catalogues that is exclusively meant for the super milers only.

Many super miles value their points and value it for they feel it gives them better options and advantages than cash rewards. They do not have to manage their account, it gets accounted automatically and the value of the points does not decrease like how the cash value would decrease over a period of time.

Of course now with the reward points being useful for many other purchases, one may not use the mileage to buy upgrade their class of travel and loose out. They have better ways to utilize the reward points now.

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