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Password Depot 5.0.2

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Password Depot 2 protects your important and confidential passwords against external access – offering the best possible user-friendliness!

Features of Password Depot 5.0.2 :

· User-friendly interface for convenient management of your passwords and access details: applied for internet, online banking, electronic shops etc.
· Generate uncrackable passwords using the integrated Password Generator.
· Maximum protection of your sensitive data thanks to the security algorithm Rijndael 256-Bit!
· The Auto-complete function enters your user name and password on websites automatically.
· Password Depot 2 runs on every Windows PC. Optionally, it also runs on USB flash drives!
· Network compatible – for simultaneous work within a local network.
· Storing password lists on FTP servers for worldwide access to your data!

Use Password Depot in freeware mode!

When you install Password Depot 2 for the first time on your pc you can use it 30 days as full version with only one restriction: You can only store 20 passwords in the 30-days trial version!
After the 30 days are up you have two options:
a) Purchase an unlock code to use the program in the full version mode
b) Use the program in freeware mode

What are the restrictions of the freeware mode?

You can use Password Depot in freeware mode with the following restrictions:
· You can only use 20 passwords
· You can only use one password list in freeware mode (which means that it is not possible to open other psw files)
· Some functions are not available

What's New in Password Depot 5.0.2 :

· Several UI problems under systems with large fonts were resolved.
· A problem which made switching to the top bar mode very slow under certain conditions was solved.
· Text issues for printing non-password entries were corrected.
· The interaction between the main program and the browser add-ons was improved.
· A possibility to disable some system tray hints was implemented.
· A number of cosmetic issues and minor errors were corrected.

Download[ Password Depot 5.0.2 ]

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