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F-Prot Antivirus

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F-Prot Antivirus provides high quality data protection and security without draining your system’s resources and without the need for the latest operating system or the latest hardware.

Features of F-Prot Antivirus :

· RealTime Protector
Scans all files accessed by your system in realtime.
· Updater
Handles virus signature file updates. These files contain protection against new and emerging threats.
· Command-Line Scanner
The perfect tool for recovering from a virus that has left Windows inoperable.
· Updates and Technical Support
Both program updates and virus signature file updates are included in the home-user license, along with full product support.
· Scheduler
Allows for automatic updating of the virus signature files and scanning at predetermined times and intervals.
· OnDemand Scanner
For manually scanning your computer for viruses. This is also where you can view your virus signature files update status at glance.

What's New in F-Prot Antivirus :

• Engine (4.5.1):
· Critical Fix: In the Engine's new script emulator, a read beyond allocated memory in the x64 kernel mode engine, resulting in a system crash when scanning certain JavaScript-enabled web pages. We were not able to reproduce the problem in 32-bit, user-mode or non-Windows implementations.
· Fix to an integer overflow problem in the text scanner, when scanning certain types of text files with very long lines.
· Fix for a potential memory leak, if an I/O error occurred under certain circumstances.
· Fix to an unused feature in the Eldorado heuristic engine.
· Fix to 7-Zip and Nullsoft installer scanning, where the scanner would return an incorrect return code if it found non-malicious adware inside the files.
· Better handling of CAB files with corrupted LZX data inside.
• Product-specific:
· Fixed: 64-bit File System Protection driver could cause a system crash as a result of an overflow issue in the Engine (See above). The issue was reported in a Release Candidate. Therefore the 64-bit version was not released until now.
· Fixed: In some cases the Windows Security Center (Action Center in Windows 7) would falsely report F-PROT Antivirus as either "turned off" or "out-of-date".
· Fixed: Patch from 6.0.9.x to in LAN update version was a dud. The issue was reported in a Release Candidate. Therefore the LAN update version was not released until now.
· Fixed: In FPScan the "arguments" item in the report header did not show the full list of command line parameters passed.
· Fixed: In FPScan, running as a non-privileged user, return code would not imply that boot-sector scanning was skipped.

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