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ZoneAlarm Antivirus 9.1.603.000

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ZoneAlarm Antivirus is a firewall and antivirus security solution to keep you and your computer protected from Internet risks. ZoneAlarm Antivirus keeps out hackers, viruses, worms, and other emerging threats.
It’s easy to use and comes with out-of-the-box default security settings. Within minutes, you and your computer will be safe from Internet hazards and cybercriminals.

Features of ZoneAlarm Antivirus 9.1 :

Award-Winning Firewall
Easy-to-use firewall blocks hackers and other unknown threats.

· Intrusion Blocking systematically identifies hackers and blocks access attempts.
· Stealth Mode automatically makes your computer invisible to anyone on the Internet.
· Automatic Program Configuration provides safety and simplicity by automatically configuring programs. Automatically decides whether to allow or deny Internet access to individual programs.
· Expert Controls give savvy users precise control over security settings.

Comprehensive Antivirus Protection
Stops viruses and worms, and protects against emerging viruses before they attack.

· "Set and Forget" antivirus protection automatically scans emails and files for viruses and removes them for you.
· Automatic updates protect you from the latest known security threats without you needing to remember to update your antivirus solution.
· Award-winning antivirus technology secures your PC against known viruses and worms, and, in conjunction with a firewall, protects you against Trojans and identity-theft tools such as keystroke logging programs.
· Sophisticated logic helps provide a first line of defense by using pattern-based technology to identify potential viruses even before they’ve turned into a major outbreak.

What's New in ZoneAlarm Antivirus 9.1.603.000 :

OS support:
· Windows 7 SP1 BETA now supported
Performance and stability improvements:
· Fixed: Issues that sometimes inhibited PC performance
· Fixed: Hibernation issues
· Fixed: Delays on initial loading of certain programs, including Internet Explorer 8
· Fixed: Crypt32 errors appearing in event log

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