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Free Download PCMAV 2.0 Alpha2 Valkyrie

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After we have satisfied with the PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 2.0 Alpha2 now available to download for free, file size is 3,999 Kb which format is .zip file. The latest PC Media antivirus is called code name Valkyrie release on April 2009. PC Media Antivirus (PCMAV) 2.0 Alpha2 Valkyrie come with some new features and new appearance. PCMav Version 2.0 Alpha2 Valkyrie is now no longger crash again with other installed Antivirus like Avira, AVG, McAfee, Karspersky, BitDefender, or else.

PCMAV 2.0 Alpha 2 Valkyrie feature:

The Best Antivirus in Indonesia, Made in Indonesia, powerful against local viruses, Fast Detection, Documents Safe, System Recovery, Totally Clean, Accurate, Pro-Active Protection, Automatic Updates, New Virus Detection, Scan Entirely, Dual-Core Engine Antiviru, Friendly User Interface, PORTABLE (Without Installation), Trusted Expert, PC Media Fully Support, FREE to Download.

Start to Download PCMAV 2.0 Alpha2 Valkyrie here..

Download PCMAV 2.0.0 Alpha 2 Valkyrie
Update PCMAV 2.0 build2, 3, 4, etc.
(automatic when your computer is connected with the internet)

What Are New on PCMAV 2.0a Valkyrie?
  • IMPROVED! New module memory implementation management and searching file which are faster and more stable.
  • NEW! IntelligentScan (iScan) engine for ClamAV to boost the acceleration when Clamav engine is used.
  • NEW! RealTime Protector (RTP) for Vista dan Windows 7.
  • NEW! Virus Quarantine to isolate the suspected virus. (You may have the file back in case of false alarm).
  • NEW! Virus Submission integrated in the Virus Quarantine.
  • NEW! PC Media Updates Manager to have automatic updates.
  • IMPROVED! First integration PCMAV Cleaner & RTP.
  • IMPROVED! Scan feature through right-click Explorer (/REGSHELL)
  • BUG FIXED! Heuristic false alarm in some programs and script.

New Viruses on PCMAV 2.0a Valkyrie Database:

Ahole | Ahole.inf | Aurel | Aurel.vbs.B | Autoit.CL | Autoit.CM | Autorunme.D | Dungcoi.D | GameLover | GameLover.exe | GameLover.htm | Gerubug | Hidea | Joke.StartKiddies | Labunreke | Labunreke.bat.A | Labunreke.bat.B | Labunreke.bat.C | Labunreke.inf | LoveStory.B | Manokwar | Manokwar.inf | Nabe.A | Nabe.B | Nabe.C | Nginul.B | PisangBakar.A | PisangBakar.B | PisangBakar.bat | PisangBakar.txt | Recycler-Kkrunchy.C | Recycler.Q | Recycler.Q.inf | Recycler.R | Recycler.S | Recycler.T | Recycler.T.inf | Recycler.U | Recycler.V | Shinigami | Shinigami.inf | Vemo.A | Vemo.B | Vemo.C | Vemo.D | Vfp | Vfp.bat | Vfp.inf | Vires.H | Vires.I | Wordhb | Xlove | Yeanqin | Yuyun.vbs.C

to get the best result scanning and more powerful to clean detected viruses, please do updating virus database build2, 3, 4 and so on before scan progress.(don't forget to give your response after use this antivirus here!)

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