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How to test your antivirus software

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If you have an existing antivirus commercial or not the question is can this antivirus detect any kind of virus yes, no or we dont know. The had a solution to test your antivirus in full safety you can use the file Eicar test this file detected as a virus by the antivirus it does not contain any viral code. If the false virus is detected, it is that your antivirus is active and protects you.

1. To create the false virus, simply create a text file (with Notepad for example: Start, Run ... and type notepad) and copy the following string consisting of 68 characters (one line):

2. Then recopy the following character string in the Notepad:


3. Now save this file by clicking on File then Save as.

4. the name is advised EICAR.COM but you can choose a name of your choice is important is that the extension is. Com,. Exe or. Bat.

5. Then ask your antivirus to remove the file.

If your anti-virus software is properly installed and activated, it will instantly alert you to the presence of the virus in Eicar indicating Eicar Test String. Depending on the configuration of your anti-virus, the file will be deleted or quarantined.

If the false virus is still not detected, you must then seriously think of changing anti-virus software.

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