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How to Restore Items Deleted From Recycle Bin

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When cleaning out your hard drive of unwanted files, you may accidentally delete a file you do want or need. Unfortunately, once that file is deleted from the recycle bin, there aren't a lot of options for getting it back. It is possible to retrieve those deleted files with a freeware program call Restoration.

Download and unzip Restoration. (See Resources.)

Open Restoration. Select the hard drive where the deleted file was stored and press "search deleted files." The program will then scan the drive for files that may be able to be recovered.

Find the file you're looking for. Depending on how long the file has been deleted and how many files have been deleted since, it may be difficult to recover your particular file. If you do find it, select it and press "restore by copying." Select the location where you want the restored file to go and press "save." If you can't find it, you can try another program whose method is a little different. But keep in mind that there is a good chance the file is permanently gone.

Open the newly restored file in Windows Explorer. It is now back on your hard drive and ready for use.

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