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Antivirus Portable 1.6.392 Beta

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Portable Antivirus is a small antivirus build to remove certain variant of virus, trojan and spyware from your computer.

Portable Antivirus is free to distribute, free to scan and free to use.

Portable Antivirus currently built to remove more than 200+ viruses includes Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware, adware & its variants.

Also, this antivirus support following standard of EICAR Virus test. For more information about EICAR logon to:

Here are some key features of "Portable Antivirus":

- Scan & remove an infected files from all fixed and removable drives or make your own choice.
- Smaller size and can be fit to your thumbdrive even also to your floppy disk.
- Automatic prompt for update if available.
- no additional external files required.
- Use less CPU and memory resource
- System process scanning and terminate immediately when virus is detected
- Give you 2 options for scanning - Always Delete and Report Only.
- Use HOT-KEY to control your Portable Antivirus without using mouse.
- Support drag and drop files to Portable Antivirus to scan instantly. \

Version : 1.6.392 Beta
Title : Antivirus Portable 1.6.392 Beta
Filename : portableav16b.exe
File size : 1.38MB
Requirements : Windows (All)
License : Freeware
Date added : March 22, 2009
Author : Nur Mohammad Kamil
Homepage :

Portable Antivirus 1.6 Build 421
Download Here from
Download Here from EasyShare

VDEF Updates (12 May 2009)
Download VDEF Updates here! from
Download VDEF Updates here! from EasyShare

Note: To update your Portable Antivirus, first extract the file and then choose the extracted file to update. To learn more click here. Please make sure turn off any Download Manager to make sure the download to be successful.

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