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Removing conficker worm

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Websites are buzzing about the conficker april 1 virus. Reportedly, the conficker c virus aka conflicker, kiddo and downadup will evolve on April 1 making it more difficult to remove. Many security experts, however, believe that the april 1 worm will not wreak major havoc on Wednesday. Still, it is best to avoid the april 1 computer worm as online financial information like credit card accounts may be at risk of being hacked.

How to avoid the april 1 virus
One of the best recommended means to protect yourself from the April fool’s worm is to download the conficker patch. You can go to the Microsoft website for the conficker microsoft patch. You can also read the following posts:

Removing conficker worm
Several Win32 conficker removal tools are now available but because the conficker worm also spreads through portable storage devices such as USB drives, disabling your PC’s autorun feature for external media is recommended. Here is how to remove conficker with a conficker remover:

Download downadup/conficker remover

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