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Conficker Disguised as Antivirus Software

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The infamous Conficker worm has a new feature that installs malicious software disguised as antivirus software, network security company TrendMicro said in a report.

The worm, which has infected millions of computers worldwide, displays warning messages claiming that the PC has been infected, according to the report. Infected machines may suffer from slow computer performance sometimes resulting in the need for an overall computer repair.

According to the report, in the presented message the creators of the Conficker ask computer users to pay some $50 to clean the “infected” system. One of the main concerns is that people will be tempted to deliver their credit card information.

TrendMicro experts said in a separate release that they have also discovered a new variant of the Conficker. They added that this may indicate that cyber criminals behind the notorious worm are planning more serious attacks.

They said that the new variant, WORM_DOWNAD.E, runs using a random file name and random service name. The malicious software connects well-known sites, such as: Myspace, MSN, eBay, CNN and AOL.

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