Can't Find what you're looking for? Try Google Search Here!

How to Download torrent File

Can't Find what you're looking for? Try Google Search Here!"

I will explain mostly how to use torrents here

1) Install Torrent Client And K-Lite Codec Pack K lite codec pack Download

2) After you have found a movie, program, archive, and downloaded the torrent to your hardrive. open this torrent up in torrent client.Thats it, it should work and start downloading.

Torrent Client
3) If the speed is going too slow and you see yellow light, then it means that you probably dont have all ports opened up. You will need to open up these ports either through your router software or through your firewall software

What is K-Lite Codec Pack?

K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of codecs and related tools.
With the K-Lite Codec Pack you should be able to play 99% of all the movies that you download from the internet

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